A semi-realistic wolf rp.
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Wolf Information
Gender: Male
Age: 4 years
Wolf Size: 94cm

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PostSubject: Azarias   Azarias EmptyFri Oct 30, 2015 8:02 pm

Basic Information
4 years old
Steppe Wolf x Grey Wolf
Alpha Male

Pitch black fur with grey patches mixed together adorn this brute.
Though Azarias has a lean figure he has enough muscle to look intimidating and fierce.
Azarias has Heterochromia, a difference in the eye coloration; right eye is a baby blue, left eye is an emerald green.
94cm from Shoulder.
7.5 feet

Crafty- Azarias is a sly devil. He is crafty in his ways as his imagination is a bit dark. This can be a bit of a problem since most don't trust wolves who can easily twist their words and get out of things. Azarias maybe sly, but you can trust him with your life.
Passionate- Azarias may seem a bit hostile and uncaring but he actually is the complete opposite. Azarias is a very passionate wolf whether it be by his occupation, lover, or interests. You can find him to be sweet and a big softy despite his hard exterior. Family isn't something Azarias takes lightly. He is a loyal and committed wolf, and would never think about betraying his mate unless he utterly has to.
Forth-Coming- Azarias is very forth coming. If he doesn't like you he would tell you instead of dealing with your unnecessary shenanigans. Honesty is something Azarias values despite the repercussions.

Order, Relaxing, Interaction with others, Pups
Being ordered around, Disrespect, Orders being ignored, Ignorant Fools
Swimming, Fighting, Fishing, Hiding his Emotions, Keeping Order
Hunting, His Pride, Selflessness, Family

Azarias was birthed to the Alpha's of his pack. He and his brother, Alexander, were the only surviving members of their litter. Their mother was unable to provide for the other's in their litter because the shortage of food. Their father wasn't exactly helpful either. One day an abandoned pup was found on the borders of Azarias's pack. Their mother took the pup under their wing and named her Syliva. As time drew on Alex, Syliva, and Azarias opened their eyes and took their first steps. It was then that the family learned that Syliva was blind and Azarias was 'cursed' for lack of better words. Azarias had two different colored eyes and it was uncommon for it to be found in wolves. Their father shunned Syliva and Azarias, however this did not effect them in the slightest. Azarias protected and guided Syliva. He was close and protective to his mother and siblings despite him being the youngest.

As time went on Azarias became more rebellious and often left his sister unattended while Alex and him had fun goofing off with each other. One day they brought Syliva along with their scheme's. The cost of their prank was fatal. They aggravated a Puma and Syliva got caught in the cross fire. She jumped in front of a fatal blow that was aimed for Azarias. She was badly wounded by the time Azarias and Alex chased the cat away. She died of blood loss. Ever since then Azarias carries the scar on his chest and left eye. Two years passed and both boy's grew up into handsome young male's both even closer since the death of their beloved sister. It was then Azarias met his mate, Lupa for the first time. Both boys were entranced by her fiery temper and beauty. The three grew close over the years. Alex was to be made Alpha of the pack, so he often left Lupa and Azarias to train about the pack. While he was away Azarias and Lupa grew close. Six months passed and during that time Azarias announced his courtship of Lupa. It was that day that Alex returned from Alpha school. He changed a lot during his absence. When he came back he was looking for a mate and he had only one she-wolf in mind.

When Alex heard about the courting of Lupa he challenged the brute to a duel for the hand of mateship, not knowing his brother was that brute. Azarias had no choice but to fight it out. He fought his brother and almost one if he didn't get distracted by his father. Alex took advantage of that tiny mistake and beat Azarias into submission. Furious that Azarias had embarrassed him in front of the pack Alex made him into the Omega as punishment. Five months passed before Azarias was fully healed. It was the day Alex would claim the title as Alpha and mate with Lupa. Azarias was having none of it. The moment Alex was claimed as Alpha Azarias challenged him for his position and mate. That battle was long and harsh, both males equal in strength. When they were younger they often sparred with one another and during those times Azarias was stronger and more dominant than Alex yet Azarias's father ignored these traits and made Alex Alpha. When midnight rolled around Azarias finally got the upper hand and beat Alex by pinning him to the ground and having a tight hold on his neck. Alex submitted and Azarias was crowned Alpha. Even though Azarias knew nothing of being an Alpha his mother taught him the ropes of the job.

One day Alex cornered Lupa and threatened her. Azarias caught him and his father in the act and banished them. Never hearing from them again.

Siblings: Marcus(alive), Syliva(dead)
Parents: Autumn(alive), Alex(alive)

Relationship Status:
None yet
Best Friend:
Just Lupa
Arch enemy:
None as of yet.

Endurance: 13
Agility: 6
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Wolf Information
Gender: Female
Age: 2.5 years
Wolf Size: 91cm to the Shoulder

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PostSubject: Re: Azarias   Azarias EmptyFri Nov 27, 2015 2:07 pm

Azarias 2nsaom8

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