A semi-realistic wolf rp.
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Open Ranks
Guardian ♂/♀
Beta ♂/♀
Delta ♂/♀
Aristocracy ♂/♀
Mercenary ♂/♀
Chasseur ♂/♀
Shaman ♂/♀
Niania ♂/♀
Scout ♂/♀


 Pack Ranks

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Pack Ranks Empty
PostSubject: Pack Ranks   Pack Ranks EmptyMon Oct 26, 2015 12:44 pm

Superior Ranks

Alpha- They aren't the Alphas for nothing now are they? These are the elitist of the elite wolves and don't care for petty games. They take their jobs seriously and rule with iron fists. Their word is law and must be followed if you want to avoide their wrath. Best stay on their good side, eh? They are upmost respected unless their pack mates have different thoughts. They follow no one. The Alphas are normally a mated pair and rule equally.

Beta- These wolves are the Alpha's right hand man. They help in decision making, planning, and take control when the Alpha is not present. There are one of both genders and they don't need to be a matesdpair.

Delta- These wolves help with many different things the Beta and Alphas do. They help train, enforce rules and plan different things. They are the third in command and would take over whenever the beta and alpha are absent. There are one of both genders and do not need to be a mated pair.

Guardian- The guardian is a personal guard of the Alphas. When in battle they watch out for the Alphas and protect them with their life. You can see them around the Alphas almost always. They also help enforce the warriors of the pack. When the Alpha pair have pups they help care for them with the Nianias. They also protect them. They do not leave the Alpha pups unguarded even when the Alphas are being attacked or in battle. There is only two guardians, one of both genders. They do not need to be mates to one another. These wolves are hand chosen by the Alphas.

High Ranks

Aristocracy- These wolves are like an Elite. One of the most trusted wolves in the pack. They keep all their subordinates under control, this even includes the mercenaries! They take orders from no one lower than them and aren't afraid to enforce their dominance to others. There is only two of these wolves, one of both genders. They do not need to be mates.

Mercenary- The packs lead warriors. They aren't mercenaries for nothing, best keep out of their way and follow something they told you to de unless otherwise stated. These are the true beasts of the pack and can be lethal and very dangerous for those who are on their hit lists. Stubborn and hard headed with a backbone! There are two of them. One female and male, they do not need to be mates.

Chasseur- The lead hunters. The are the best of the best and know where to hunt. There is only two Chasseurs, one male and female. The keep the other hunters in check and make sure they are doing their job. They often organize big hunts that the whole pack is in. The make sure there is a feast during ceremonies. They do not have to be mates.

Scout- These wolves are spy's of the pack. There is only one scout! They specialize in tracking, stalking and surviving even the harshes predicaments. The normally used to be a Hunter but moved up in rank. These wolves normally are small and slender, easy to maneuver and make a quick escape.

Shaman- These are the lead healers of the pack. They monitor and keep their subordinates in check. They are often wiser and have more knowledge in their expertise. They know where finding the best herbs are and secret pack cures and remedies. There are two Shamans, one female and one male. They don't have to be mates.

Niania- These are the lead Nannies. They make sure the nannies are doing their jobs and keep them in line. There are two Niania, one female and one male. They do not have to be mates! Niania's are responsible for caring for the Alphas offspring when the guardian is away.

Subordinate Ranks

Elder- Full of wisdom and knowledge, the Elder is a great wolf to come to for guidance. They have tons of stories to tell if your bored and can deal with their chattering. They often provide advice to the Alphas. The pack would be lost without them. These wolves are normally 7 or older.

Warrior- These wolves are big and bulky for they would need it when fighting. They enjoy the thrill of fighting and somethimes are aggressive. They protect the pack with their life and ward off enemies or threats to the pack. They report any suspicious activity to their leaders.

Hunter- The Hunter is very important. They have to be quick on their feet in order to catch the packs next meal. They specialize in stalking and hunting and sometimes even tracking. Without the Hunter the pack would more than likely starve to death. They know the best places to hunt.

Healer- When it comes to wounds, sickness, and herbs these are the wolves to go to. They enjoy helping those around them and taking care of the weak and sick. Without the Healers the pack would die off. When it comes to their job they can be a bit of a smarty pants with their knowledge in the arts of healing. These wolves are often prepared and calm in tough times.

Nanny- These wolves take care of the pups and make sure they get a mentor when they turn one. They protect, provide, and guide the young ones. They often have a maternal bone and strong urge to watch the young. They keep the pups inline and sometimes even the apprentices.

Lower Ranks

Omega- These wolves are ones who often did something wrong, naturally submissive, a goofball / slacker or play as a peacemaker. This rank can be seen as a punishment or something positive. Wolves who naturally submit or hate violence become omegas. They help keep the peace between pack members when there is a fight. Without the omega the pack would fall apart.

Apprentice- They are the teenagers of the pack. At the age of 1 year a pup will get a mentor in the rank they are training for. The apprentice is the future ranks of the pack, they are young and naïve. They need leadership from their pack mates and mentors as they find their role in the pack.

Pup- The future of the pack. Pups are very important to the pack for without them the pack will diminish in numbers. They are life. Until a wolf turns one they are considered a pup. A Nanny will often take care of the pups if the parents are unavailable. [/color]

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Pack Ranks
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