A semi-realistic wolf rp.
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 The Official Evermore Shop

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Wolf Information
Gender: Female
Age: 2.5 years
Wolf Size: 91cm to the Shoulder

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PostSubject: The Official Evermore Shop   The Official Evermore Shop EmptyThu Oct 29, 2015 5:59 am

The Official Evermore Shop HJxk5OI
HERE WE SELL A RANGE OF ITEMS FOR YOUR WOLF THAT WON'T BE SOLD ANYWHERE ELSE. Please use the code below when your purchasing an item.

The Official Evermore Shop 4431184

  1. Extra Characters- For those who can manage more than one character here you go. Make sure you can manage them before you purchase! *Staff get the first 3 free*

    • Second Character - Free!
    • Third Character - 100 Bones
    • Fourth Character - 200 Bones
    • Fifth Character- 400 Bones
    • Sixth Character - 500 Bones
    • Seventh Character- 700 Bones

  • Rare Breeds- Want an uncommon wolf running around in Evermore? Below are the acceptable "rare breeds" that you can chose from.

    • Maned Wolf - 200 Boness
    • Red Wolf - 200 Bones
    • Dingo - 200 Bones
    • Italian Wolf - 200 Bones
    • Dhole - 100 Bones

  • Litter Size- 50 Bones Choosing your own litter size? Get this! 50 Bone each per pup.

  • Going Rouge- 1,500 Bones It is uncommon for wolves to be alone since they are naturally social animals. Since we are a semi-realistic site you need to purchase this item in order to have or be a rouge.

  • Character Sizes- Want a larger badder wolf or a smaller delicate wolf? Well you came to the right place! Choose your pick.

    • Extra Small - 100 Bones Extra Small wolves are allowed to be between 50cm to 64cm
    • Small - 200 Bones Small wolves are allowed to be between 65cm to 75cm
    • Large - 500 Bones Large wolves are allowed to be between 85cm to 91cm
    • Extra Large - 1,000 Bones Extra Large wolves are allowed to be between 92cm to 98cm

  • Creating your own pack- 2,000 Bones
    Tired of ruling under the paws of others? Wan't to be the ruler of your own land? This item can allow you to create your own pack. You can name it even! If you need help with coming up with names pm Azarias or Lupa for more information based on this product.

  • Eye Colors- Want a character with two different colored eyes or just change their eye color completely? Well here you go!

    • Bi-Eyes - 150 Bones Two different colored eyes
    • Eye Color Changer - 50 Bones Completely change eye color

  • Pelt Changer- 85 Bones Tired of your run down coat color? You can change it now! Get w new and improved look! Accepted colors: Red, black, white, russet, brown, grey, and mix between colors

  • Code:
    [b]Item(s):[/b] (The item you are purchasing)
    [b]Username:[/b](This is only if the admins are taking away from another account of yours)
    [b]Extra:[/b](Anything else you want to mention)
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    The Official Evermore Shop
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